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Our fleets and requirements

Our Fleets

This page describes each of our seven fleets and explains what their individual requirements are.

Fleet Requirements

D3VIL DOG5 - This is our main fleet. Maxed starbase. This fleet is a high-performing fleet and is not for new players. They are looking for hard charging players that make their best effort to rank high in each event, regardless of the type of event.

D3VIL PUP5 - This is our second fleet. It also has a maxed starbase and has high level performance requirements. It is also not a good fit for newer players.

D3VIL CUR5 - This is our "Rest and Retirement" fleet. The starbase is level 40. They have no performance or even daily play requirements. 

H3LLHOUND5 - This fleet also has a maxed starbase. It is suitable for players level 20+, with a love of skirmish events. This fleet requires every player to clear reward thresholds in each skirmish event. There is no requirement to participate in other events.

WARDOG5 - This fleet also has a maxed starbase. Requirements are not as strict as D3VIL DOG5 or D3VIL PUP5, but it is still a fairly high performing fleet.

D3VIL DINGOS - With a recently maxed starbase, this is a good fleet for medium level to high level players.

RAGNADOG5 - This fleet has a level 131 starbase and is a good fleet for active players, but not necessarily high-level players.